I help personal injury lawyers fully understand the spinal soft tissue injuries that they represent.

Become A SmartInjury Legal Powerhouse For Your Injured Clients

SmartInjury Lawyers know that soft tissue injuries are the number one cause of acute and chronic pain, emotional upset, short and long-term financial distress and physical disability. These are NOT 'just soft tissue injuries' that will disappear in a few weeks like the insurance companies claim. The biggest risk patients with these conditions can overcome is finding the RIGHT medico-legal team. 

An  attorney that is thoroughly educated on their client's condition is an intimidating contender for a defense attorney and the best advocate for an injured client to get the compensation that they deserve!

"Spinal ligament injuries can cost the patient $9,000.00-$19,000.00 per year to medically manage after resolution of their injury insurance benefits---Surprised---You shouldn't be as these figures have been in published medical guidelines since 2001."

2007 American Pain Society

"In motor vehicle accidents there is no direct correlation between the magnitude of impact, the amount of vehicle damage, and the degree of injury, although immediate onset of neck pain may be a predictor for chronic pain."


"Never has the need for educated attorneys been higher!"


Our Courses

Spinal Soft Tissue Injury Mastery for Lawyers

For far too long, spinal ligament injuries, or more commonly known as whiplash, have been misunderstood to be 'just' a soft-tissue injury. 

As a SmartInjury Lawyer, you will be able to best represent your injured client by understanding their condition. An educated attorney working with a comparably educated SmartInjury Doctor will create the ideal medico-legal team that your client deserves.

Spinal Injury Deposition Mastery

This section is worth the price of the course period. Attorneys that can walk into court or a deposition with the confidence that they know their clients injury better than the defense attorney are a force to be reckoned with. No one wants to have questions posed that are difficult to answer or that make the attorney look unsure. If you have any fear of the deposition process or if you just want to to be an unstoppable force in the fight for your injured client, this course is for you.


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