As a doctor who went to law school, I know exactly what you need, and I also know the easiest way to teach it and deliver it.

Spinal ligament injuries are the number one cause of chronic pain and disability in the United States of America today and for that matter the world.

You are a great attorney. If you were not, you would not be here.

I have spent years working with personal injury attorneys and in all those years there was one big obstacle that I always had to overcome—which is a lack of basic training on the injuries that the attorneys were representing.

By survey, this is the number one problem that almost all doctors have with personal injury attorneys in the market today. Its just a soft tissue injury, does that ring and bell, tell that to the blind man who injured both of his eyes (soft tissue injury); tell that to the woman who severely injured her heart in a fall (soft tissue injury); tell that to the man who injured his genitals in and fall and can no longer have sex with his wife (soft-tissue injury); tell that to the client that is forever changed with brain damage (soft tissue injury). All the IMPORTANT TISSUES IN THE HUMAN BODY ARE SOFT! Spinal soft tissue injuries are the most problematic and expensive injuries in the market today. I WHAT TO HELP YOU TO STOP MIMIMIZING THEM.

Low car damage low injury. While this may be true in many instances, this is not true in all instances. You could not say that to the family of the 528 dead in one year on Florida roads where no car in the accident was going more than ten miles per hour. If it is so easy to determine that the patient was not injured by studying the car damage, why can’t the same adjuster tell how damaged the car is by studying the patient’s injuries. Why do they examine the car, instead of examining the patient's injuries in the ER to determine the car damage---insane right!

If you don’t think patients/clients can suffer severe injuries at low impact IT IS SIMPLY BECAUSE YOU AND PERHAPS EVEN THE DOCTOR, DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE SO YOU ARE NOT SURE WHAT TO LOOK FOR.

Having trouble with this? Here is a demo, grab two cars that you own, park one, get your wife/husband/friend to drive the other. Make a fist with your hand, put it in front of the back bumper and have the other car smash it at low speed (five miles an hour) with the other bumper, now check out your hand and tell me that it is not possible to damage the human body significantly at low speed.

Or how about this one, no disc herniation no spinal soft tissue injury. WOW, that one has been minimizing you for as long as you have had it. MRI is a very limited test when it comes to spinal soft tissue injuries, mainly because it was never designed to find the most important Imaging Biomarker (feature in imaging that leads to a definitive diagnosis) in a spinal soft tissue injury.

Look here is the truth, your ignorance of these injuries is not your fault. There was no training for this in law school, and until now there simply was no training for you, so the blind leading the blind. You will highly minimize what you do not understand, hence my training for you and your paralegals.

I want to help you stop minimizing this condition by simplifying your understanding, perfecting your results, and increasing your referrals. Our programs are simple, to the point, delivered through short videos that you can watch online or while you are working out via our platform's phone app. You can watch them as many times as you want and each time you watch them you will get more and more out of them.

If you have questions about our programs you can call us at 800-940-6513 and myself or one of my team will show our products. We will demo them for you. It is simple I am filling a huge void in the personal injury market in and very cost-effective way.

Please either sign up online of give us a call and we will demo our products. All products come with a huge private user group of doctors and lawyers who are applying our information and are there to support and help. We hope to see you and your paralegals soon!

Dr. Jeffrey Alan Cronk, DC JD

A small portion of my back ground

Licensed Doctor of Chiropractic 30 years

Treating Doctor for 17 years (Over 5000 new patients, 175,000 plus office visits, over

1,000,000 spinal adjustment delivered

Developed two National Spinal Ligament Testing Companies

Director of Education for the Medical Spinal Ligament Testing Company Spinal Kinetics LLC

Developer and Chief Designer of CRMA® Spinal Ligament Testing System for Spinal

Kinetics Board Certified Radiologists

Publish Spinal Ligament Injury Researcher

Developed first online Spinal Ligament Injury Training

Program for Doctors and Lawyers

Law Degree completed in 2013