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What every PI Attorney needs to know about CRMA

Soft tissue injuries are the number one cause of acute and chronic pain, emotional upset, short and long-term financial distress and physical disability. These are NOT 'just soft tissue injuries' that will disappear in a few weeks like the insurance companies claim. The biggest risk patients with these conditions can overcome is finding the RIGHT medico-legal team.  Most attorneys today have no experience or understanding of how powerful spinal ligament injury testing called CRMA can be.  This testing provided objective evidence of jut how severely injured the patient, your client really is.  MRI today is really quite deficient in this are as it was never designed to, nor can it determine the key findings associated with serious spinal ligament injuries. Once and attorney or patient understands what this testing is doing, they would never want to be without it again. An  attorney that is thoroughly educated on their client's condition is an intimidating contender for a defense attorney and the best advocate for an injured client to get the compensation that they are entitled to, no more but also no less! > Mechanism of Injury will have a whole new meaning. > You will know why MRI is deficient in spinal ligament damage assessments. > You will truly know what CRMA is and why it is the most powerful objective injury testing for spinal soft tissue injuries. > You will know why CRMA testing should always be provided by an Unbiased, Independent, Board Certified Medical Radiologist and not a treating Chiropractor. You this and a whole lot more...AND you will get a BONUS video of and interview that was done with a plaintiff attorney that has been using CRMA with his clients very successfully. 


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